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Chios Tales

Personal Work,

Chios from a different perspective 2016

Set against Chios I tried to create an idealized reality in a fantasy world sensitive and romantic. Walking around the island I discovered  hidden treasures that gave me inspiration. These ruins used to be  full of life and the beaches full of people. The viewer is confronted with thirty different approaches of  the island.

My goal was to capture Chios from a perspective that goes beyond the mundane photo presentation of maps and tourist guides. In my daily wanderings I began to notice more clearly what is happening around me. That is when I realized the specific beauties of this place. There, my concerns  became more intense.

Daily life is captured from a different point of  view. I added human presence with spontaneous  figures either stationary or  moving, peeking  and entangled in the landscape. The colors were added  in an exaggerated way to give tension to the image. I tried to hide the "ugly"  parts of every image without erasing them as if they were a  part of our surroundings. Intersection of disparate elements to give a new perspective. Sensations, thoughts, emotions, perfumes, memories, moments, without words.

Influenced by my studies in architecture, I improvised and created new spaces. Based on the light I emphasized the depth and added elements of everyday life in order to enrich every image with hidden messages and  add life to each one of them.

Each canvas is made by a series of photos from different parts of the island, edited with the aid of digital media in order to form a single image. Through photography I enjoyed more each  route and paid more attention to the world around me. The selection of each topic was random, depending on the emotions caused by each photo at the first glance. A spontaneous tangle of sensations turned into image.

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