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I'm an architect born and raised in Chios island. While i was living in Brussels for my postgraduate studies on urban design, i became a member of "Urban Foxes". An international multi- disciplinary non- profit organization focused on urban interventions and public space.

In 2014  my love for art and architecture led me to find new ways to harness my creativity. I proceeded with the renovation of  Melia Sol Art Studios . A family business in which i designed a personal artistic space where i work and exhibit my work. 


2015 Chios photo collage

Citrus (solo exhibition)


Group exhibition (10 July- 15 Aug 22)

Memory tales/Perivoli Chios 

Solo exhibition  ( 1-15 Aug 22)

2016 "Chios from  different perspective" // Chios, Greece

Coco Mat (solo exhibition)

Eki  pou zo/ zygomaladiko Chios


Group exhibition  ( 30 Sep-2 Oct 22)
Video and art installation

Citrus (solo exhibition)





"Morfes" , narrative collages // chios, Greece

Neboti festival- Kalamoti (group exhibition)

Citrus    (solo exhibition)
Blender (solo exhibition)

Mosart house (solo exhibition)

Eki pou zo /michaleio building Chios


Group exhibition  ( 29 Sep-21 Oct 23)
Video and art installation

Athens, Greece

I'm always looking for new, exciting and colorful opportunities.

+30 6947005609  |

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