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Personal Work, 2018

A redefinition of images, thoughts and forms through experimental journeys

A visual exploration of a real world that disrupts the typical aesthetic criteria. The works consist of images resulting from a combination of multifaceted stimuli. The figures reveal different personalities and human characters that we find around us. The composition of the stories emerged from familiar images that turned into new humorous narrative compositions. 


My source of inspiration is the individual. Passing figures that I met in my travels and identified with them. Everyday people who rejoice, fear, think, reminisce, get angry, dream, realise. I froze their expression and made sketches enhancing their features that I captured at first glance. In their setting I added elements of Chios: Tulips, pebbles, the “ksista” (traditional decorative motifs in geometrical patterns) of Pyrgi village, but also specific objects that are characteristic of the life in the villages of the island. This way, the works assume a new identity. The figures are accompanied by hidden messages that the viewer is asked to decode.

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