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ekipouzo festival

Michaleion orphanage Chios:

Installation- video art 2023

The retina lens covers the back of the eye, where it begins to manipulate certain characteristics of the image, such as color, movement, and shape. The installation entrance opens with two perforated hands sewed in an old sheet  evoking memories of the orphanage.The ages of the  girls were between five and eighteen years old . 


The hands are made like a small pillow as a reminder of  young age and the hands size is exagerated as they they were growing up there. The lens employs contradictory metaphors that intertwine with elements of passivity, helplessness, and compliance in a continuous and fluid motion that combines freedom and light in a transformative and evolving journey.

The video art is placed at the end of the dormitory corridor as a replacement of light source which is connected with the hope.


video art installation

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